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Kayleigh Cabral
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Kayleigh and her childhood friends loved their fancy nails. “When I was a child, my family lived behind a drugstore and my friends would walk over to buy press-on nails. We’d all convene back at my house and I would custom fit everyone’s nails for them. Once these press-on nails were filed to fit our 10-year-old fingers, I’d glue them down using cheap nail glue and, sometimes, super glue (yikes!). We thought we were the coolest girls in town with our tiny fingers and huge nails!”

“The truth is, I have loved doing nails ever since. I originally went to college for criminal justice, but decided to switch to a beauty school. I needed to respect what my passion really was. I now maintain nail and esthetician licenses. I also facilitate for CND, helping to elevate the skills of Nail Pros in salons and at expos, distributors and their associates.”

Kayleigh notes two impactful times in her career. “I applied to be a CND Educator, was accepted, and I joined my CND family. Being a CND Educator has allowed me to find my voice and my place in the industry. My second experience was when I was out on maternity leave; the salon I had my business in closed. I had thoughts of leaving the industry, but the nail goddess had different plans. In my lap fell the opportunity to open my own salon with space to serve clients plus space to facilitate classes. It has been my dream come true!”

“I love to see what CND will do next on the fashion runways. I am constantly trying to figure how I can incorporate new products into my nail designs. CND’s passion to keep the Nail Professional educated and up-to-date with trends has inspired me to help spread that inspiration to others.”

“Have confidence in yourself and your skills, and don’t listen to anyone who says, ‘You just paint nails.’ Never give up on yourself. You may have those tough days where you think, ‘Should I keep doing this?’ Don’t pay attention to that little voice, keep going. Set yourself apart from the naysayers and take pride in what you do. What’s better than helping customers look and feel beautiful?!”
Kayleigh Cabral